CAB™ 8n

The CAB 8n is the newest CAB device from MediaMatrix. It features eight audio channels that can be individually configured as inputs or outputs. This provides unparalleled configuration options for an audio interface. The CAB 8n is a half-width, 1RU-tall device that is capable of utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE). This compact size allows convenient mounting in equipment racks and under tables, while the unique I/O configuration means all the inputs and outputs required can be handled by a single box. All of this can be connected via a single wire when used with any standard PoE network switch or standard power injector. A 12VDC power inlet is included for situations where PoE is not available. GPIO and serial bridging are also available on the CAB 8n, including eight programmable pins and two Form C relays. The serial bridging is capable of handling RS-232, EIA-422 and EIA-485.