MediaMatrix nControl provides high-end processing power for NION control
applications. It is particularly suited to running complex Python scripts and control
functions distributed through very large systems.

While the powerful DSP capabilities of the NION process the audio in an installation,
the nControl seamlessly complements the NION by handling the control, monitoring
and scripting functions.

As well as providing raw processing power, the nControl can also record and play
back multi-channel audio via CobraNet or Dante networks, and includes 500GB
of storage for media files. Can be expanded up to 4TB of RAID 1 storage. Files can
be copied to and from the nControl via FTP.

The audio interfacing capabilities of the nControl can be tailored to match the
requirements of the installation by adding one or more 16 channel CobraNet. Similarly, one or more relay cards can be added to
provide additional digital control inputs and relays for switching external devices,
interfacing with switches, LEDs, custom circuitry, and so on. The unit also includes
four RS-232 serial interface ports with support for further multi-function serial ports.

The nControl offers real time control and monitoring of network devices via SNMP.
The system provides health and status information for devices such as Ethernet
switches and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs).