CKd Serie

Decades of proven performance, reliabil- ity and intelligence converge in the Crest Audio CKdTM Series, combining the legend- ary overbuilt power supply design made famous by the Crest Audio Pro 200TM with NexSys® networking functionality and an ultra-lightweight class D topology. The de- sign centers around an ultra-high e cien- cy ampli er output circuit which reduces weight while increasing output power, reli- ability and thermal e ciency.

The CKd Series o ers four multi-channel models to meet the needs of demanding audio installations. The CKd 1208 and CKd 1204 provide 1,250 watts per channel in eight and four channels, respectively, while the CKd 608 and CKd 604 provide 625 watts per channel in eight and four channels. Each ampli er channel will operate to rated power in direct 70-volt, 100-volt, 8-ohm or 4-ohm modes, con gurable per channel. CKd ampli ers are networkable through the new Crest Audio Nx Dante-8TM NexSys control module to the Crest Audio NexSys 5 and Peavey® MediaMatrix® NWareTM soft- ware programs for advanced control and audio routing. The Nx Dante-8 module ts into the rear bay of CKd Series power amps and supports all NexSys functions, DSP functions and Dante digital audio I/O via 1 Gigabit Ethernet connection. A Control Voltage input is included on each channel to allow external gain control, while the Fault output on each channel allows the CKd power amps to be wired to other monitoring systems. In addition, users can conserve energy by disabling channels that are not in use. The CKd Series includes Crest Audio’s ex- clusive ACLTM (Active Clip Limiting), which automatically reduces gain at the onset of clipping to prevent ampli er and load dam- age, and IGMTM (Instantaneous Gain Modu- lation), which monitors load current to pro- tect against overloading.

Typ Channel Watt per Channel @8Ohm Watt per Channel @4Ohm
CKd604 4 650W 650W
CKd608 8 650W 650W
CKd1204 4 1.250W 1.250W
CKd1208 8 1.250W 1.250W