Pro 200 Serie

Pro 200™ Series Amplifiers

Famous for superior sonic performance, reliable operation and long service life, the Professional Series firmly established Crest Audio in the world of professional touring sound reinforcement amplification. Today, the Crest Audio Pro 200™ Series extends that tradition with new lightweight, cost-effective amplifiers designed for touring, fixed sound reinforcement and advanced audio/visual systems. New advances in de-sign, technology and manufacturing, com-bined with new features and a lightweight rugged chassis, make the Pro 200 Series the perfect choice in high-performance power amplifiers.

Typ Channel Watt per Channel @8Ohm Watt per Channel @4Ohm Watt per Channel @2Ohm
Pro 5200 2 290W 525W 850
Pro 7200 2 590W 1.000W 1.650
Pro 8200 2 825W 1.450W 2.250
Pro 9200 2 1.300W 2.200W 3.250