MM™ 8802

The MM™􀀎􀀙􀀙􀀑􀀓􀀁 􀁃􀁓􀁆􀁂􀁌􀁐􀁖􀁕􀀁 􀁃􀁐􀁙􀀁 􀁑􀁓􀁐􀁗􀁊􀁅􀁆􀁔􀀁

simple, efficient and cost-effective I/O

expansion for all classic MediaMatrix

products. With modular input bays and

support for external control support, the


24-bit A/D converters and balanced linelevel

outputs. Connectivity is robust with

MediaMatrix RJ type TX/RX interface to

support Mainframe™, Miniframe™ and XFrame

™ 88 products.