X-Frame™ 88 with 8 Line Inputs & 8 Line Outputs

Perhaps the most amazing of all DSP

systems currently available, the classic XFrame

88 is the industry’s best DSP value.

At the core of the X-Frame 88 is the same

digital processing unit made famous by

the frame-based MediaMatrix® systems.

The X-Frame 88 comes packaged with

X-Ware™, a “light” version of the classic

MediaMatrix software. One of the most

specified DSP systems in existence, the

X-Frame™ 88 is perfect for smaller applications

or as a supplement to larger frame

based systems. Complete with onboard

I/O, the X-Frame 88 includes eight mic

or line inputs, eight outputs, four control

logic ports, and an RS-485 data port. The


the I/O of the X-Frame 88 up to 24×24.